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The porn tattoo queen? That is definitely not a mystery it is the one and only Bonnie Rotten! Few haven’t seen those stunning spiderweb tattoos that surround here amazing nipples. But that is only the beginning. This girl is a true star and she has the talent and the following to prove it. Just check out her social media presence.

We suggest you start with the popular Bonnie Rotten Snapchat account as that one is very much not restricted, and you can get the feel of exactly how talented this girl is. She is more than willing to share anything and everything with her fans and they are more than grateful. But, before you rush off to discover the fine attributes of Miss Rotten here are some interesting facts about here that might fire up your imagination.

Let’s get to know this sexy lady

A true USA girl, this little vixen didn’t jump straight into porn. However, she did use her body for good, her first gigs were as a model for motorbike and car shows, at the time she worked with Nostalgia car as a pin-up model. That is one really recognizable look and she was more than happy to show her attributes off. Miss Bonnie also worked with hot rods and race cars.

Before deciding on porn, Miss Rotten firs got her skills honed as a pole dancer. She was just eighteen years old when she went to Dayton, Ohio and became an advanced pole dancer. This is where she really perfected her craft and by the time, she was twenty she was more than ready to start her career in the adult entertainment industry, and as it turns out the timing could not have been more perfect.

But before we get into details you might want to get to know her fantastic body. First thing’s first, this lady is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and she sports some of the finest measurements in the industry. They are the following - 34DD-24-30. Just imagine those spider webs on those double Ds, that is truly a sight to behold.

Now, if you have checked out some of the Bonnie Rotten videos you might have seen that this girl is very interested in fetishism. There are the very hot Bonnie Rotten XXX-rated features such as Digital Sin, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Jules Jordan Video and Juicy Entertainment.

Now about that porn career

As we said, she entered the world at the tender age of twenty and never looked back. And given the fact that she is very much into fetish porn, there were some interesting options to explore. But, let’s start with some that are more common, tattoo. After all that is where she is most recognizable and for good reasons. Here are some of the tattoos that this girl is currently sporting – as previously mentioned there are the famed spiderwebs on both breasts as well as on her stomach, both arms, left shoulder, and both legs. She also has a very recognizable "Dead Girls Don't Cry" text below her magnificent breasts. There us the word “Syndicate" below her left hip and letters on all her fingers, finally a romantic little heart on her left foot. But we shouldn’t forget the famed pin-up zombie tattooed at the back of her right leg, after all, she got the inspiration for her stage name thanks to that zombie in particular.

Now, Bonnie Rotten is definitely a force of nature and she is one of the most sought after pornstars in the industry. Of course, you can find her in some of the more tamed categories, but it is the kinky stuff that you really want. Her gangbang, double penetration, and double anal ones are where she really shines through. Both spitting and squirting are her talents and she is just amazing at it. So, if you are into squirting porn niche, Bonnie Rotten is your girl.

Her collaboration with created some of her most popular fetish shoots. From Bonnie Rotten: Uncontrollable Squirting Orgasms! scenes for‘s Device Bondage web series in December 2013,  to her epic fantasy role play scenes with James Deen, titled The Good, The Bad and The Rotten: 19 Year Old, Anal, Epic Squirting, Rough Sex and Bondage which were distributed in April 2014. These are still extremely popular and searched. She was that good in them.

But there is more than just porn - a German-based organization Digital Sports Innovation released a line of Bonnie Rotten erotic figurines. These 5icnh, 12 inch and 14inch figurines were available in Schoolgirl, Bondage, Rollergirl and Sexy Bonnie editions. Miss rotten had the following to say about this venture - “I have my own action figures!…I always dreamed I would have one and now I have four!”.

This is just the tip of a very hot iceberg, and there is so much more that we can tell you about this vixen, but it is better if you go and find out for yourself. Adult Discover has done the leg work for you and we have obtained the very coveted Bonnie Rotten Snapchat username. All you have to do is add it to your list of stars to follow and you can start enjoying that amazing content today!

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