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Looking for your next California girl crush, well, you should definitely check out Mia Malkova. This lady is bound to rock your world. The best way to describe her would be a blond bombshell who is at the same time amazingly flexible and can get into any position you can think of. But more importantly, Miss Malkova is one of the most popular pornstars out there and with good reason.

There is an endless list of attributes this girl has that make her so special, and yes, we will go through all of them just you keep reading. But before that, just to get you a bit more interested, we suggest you check out Mia Malkova Snapchat account you will definitely not be disappointed, not even the slightest. This girl knows her fanbase and is not at all shy about providing them with exactly what they need. Now, that is the kind of content worth following.

It is time to move on to the juicy info…

Entering the porn world at the tender age of twenty, would, for most be frightening. But not for Mia, she was natural and got noticed straight away. The year she started porn, she was named Twisty’s Treat of the month in December, and a bit later the same year Twistys Treat of the Year, yes, her first year in the industry. You could tell even back then that she was going to be a big name in the adult entertainment industry.

When you check out Mia Malkova videos, you might think this girl is a stunning Russian beauty, but she is actually a true California girl. Born on July 1st, 1992, in Palm Springs. She was introduced to the industry by her school friend an already established name in the adult entertainment industry the amazing Natasha Malkova.

Let’s get to that hot, hot body. First, this girl is 5 feet 7 inches tall, but it is her measurements that you should be interested in. She has the very coveted dimensions which are -34C-26-36. But that is not all, this girl has that gorgeous innocent face, that makes a lot of money in the porn industry. The girl next door who is willing to do anything on the screen.

Another great feature about Mia Malkova is that she is 100% natural, a true rarity, we know, she has no tattoos and piercings, and is all about freshness and natural feel. But, there is something even more interesting and engaging about this girl, and that is that she is exceptionally limber. Mia has both acrobatic and contortionist abilities that could even twist a pretzel into a new knot. Simply said there is no position too difficult or uncomfortable for this petite beauty.

There is another interesting fact about this lovely girl, and that is that she was the focus of the 2018 documentary film God, Sex and Truth about the strength of women’s sexuality and beauty. In an interview, she revealed that "the only reason she got into porn is that she loves sex and the porn world is the safest and the best place to explore sex in all its forms”, smart girl.

But you are here to get to know Mia the pornstar

Well, let’s get started. First of all, Mia has the honor of being a Brazzers contract girl under her belt. This means some great productions, amazing scenes, and the best of the best when it comes to her co-stars. Like any pornstar, she has some categories that she often appears in, and those include anal, oral, group, and a lot, lot more, you can be the judge once you check out all the available Mia Malkova videos.

Her beauty and talent have very much been noticed in the adult entertainment industry and let us tell you this girl has got a very unique skill set. Just have a look at the numerous awards she has obtained so far -

· 2017 XBIZ Award: Best Actress Feature Release (The Preacher's Daughter)

· Cherry of the Month - March 2017

· 2018 Pornhub Awards: Most Popular Female Performer by Women.

· 2019 Pornhub Award: Blowjob Queen-Top Blowjob Performer

Now, that you got to know her a bit better, you are probably ready to get access to all of her social media platforms. And while she is very active on both Twitter and Instagram it is her Snapchat account that you want access to. Snapchat is not very strict about porn and the content you get there is unscripted and very raw, and that is exactly what Mia’s fans want and desire.

 It is not easy to get on the top of the porn industry, especially when you are young and inexperienced but this flexible girl did it. She has that rare combo of looking like a little angel while performing like a true pro. Mia makes fantasies come true and she is showing no signs of stopping. So hurry and explore her Snapchat account, you don’t want to miss out on the latest posts. Have fun!

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