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Japanese Pornstar Snapchat Usernames

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Japanese Pornstar Snapchat Usernames

There is, without a question a huge demand for Japanese porn. It is a very specific genre that commands billions of views a year. And the pornstars active in it are considered porn royalty in some countries. The Japanese have a very specific approach to porn culture and that is precisely why many find it so appealing.

Before we get to mane throwing and lists of top Japanese porn Snapchat usernames you might want to read a bit more of what makes this particular subcategory of porn so popular around the globe.

The unique approach to porn

The Japanese porn industry is nothing but unique and that is what makes it so special. There are a lot of sub-genres that make it even more unique. Some find it too demining for women and, let’s say rape-y, others find exactly those qualities arousing. We can agree that it is not for everyone, but if the numbers are correct it is for most.

An interesting fact is that in Japan pornstars have huge followings, and people rush to conventions to get autographs and take a picture with their favorite porn celebrity. It is in a way a cult, the respect and admiration pornstars get in Japan far exceeds the on they get in the US porn industry. And that is why their adult entertainers tend to work even harder and are more immersed. That is something that is definitely visible on the screen.

But unlike Japanese female pornstars, Japanese male stars are basically invisible. Some sources say there are only 30 to 70 men working fulltime in the Japanese XXX industry. And, no, those numbers aren’t missing one or two zeroes. Neither is the ¥1,000 per movie pay that male actors can expect to earn upon entering Japan’s porn industry, which might explain why there are so few of them.

One of the more popular sub-niches of Japanese porn, and certainly the most lucrative is the so-called ‘geek’ porn, and production companies specializing in making those types of movies earn quite well. Now, if you are not familiar with the term Japanese ‘geek’ porn features actresses dressed up as superheroines, princesses, fantasy warriors, and so on.

Now who are the Japanese Snapchat stars

Of course, you are here on Adult Discover to get access to some of the best and most popular Japanese Snapchat porn accounts of their biggest stars. And we have done our work. You have a list of all the usernames currently available on Snapchat. From the magnificent Hitomi Tanaka to worldwide popular Asa Akira. You can collect them all. And the best part is that our list is regularly updated so that when you come back there are bound to be some more fun and interesting names there.

The content that these ladies share is very raw and inspiring, and you are bound to enjoy every second of it. And unlike Instagram or Facebook, it is not limited by guidelines, so you can expect unscripted behind the scenes look at the action as well as some very seductive videos. They know what their fans want and unlike their on-screen personas, they are not shy about showing it off. So please start researching your options and check out some of the new names in the industry like Reiko Kobayakawa, one of the most in-demand AV Idols, and there is also  Yui Hatano, a gaming fanatic, that is her absolute appeal, she loves all sorts of games from cards to RPG games and you can see videos of her just playing games, and yes, they are hot.

There you have it, we don’t want to keep you any longer. You have the names and are free to browse around our list looking for some great new names or some more familiar girls. And if you are a fan of Japanese porn there is no discussion that you are going to love checking out their Snapchat accounts. It is always a real treat to get to peek behind the curtain into the lives of your favorite adult industry stars, and we are sure that you will enjoy it thoroughly.

Adult Discover has done all the legwork the Snapchat usernames are here the rest is up to you, we hope you will enjoy it!

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